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Literal to Conceptual – Seeing Art in Person

Yesterday, we brought our Freshman Seminar students to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Students are working on the second module of the course where they discover and learn the process of conceptualization. Their assignment entails taking a current event article and creating a collage, based on interpretation.

The key to this assignment is to see how you as the artist react to the world around you. How do you filter the things you read, observe and experience? The ICA is a great place to see this concept brought to reality, especially when even a lecture about the “literal-conceptual” is abstract in it’s own right.

I think next time I give the assignment will be at the ICA, instead of the classroom. Seeing that this module’s concepts are brand new to most students, having a total-immersion experience could be extremely beneficial, and open the doors faster for inspiration and creativity.

Summer Teaching Wrap Up

So, my summer classes are over, and it’s been fabulous to say the least. I completed teaching three courses this summer..Graphic Design Techniques, Market-Design-Promote, and Digital Imaging with Photoshop. Two of the three are part of the Young Artist Residency program for High School Students at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University (AIB), in Boston. The Photoshop class was over at Bunker Hill Community College as part of their Associates Degree Program.

The students of Design, Market and Promote collaborated in groups throughout the semester (4 weeks) and came up with from scratch, a product idea and a way to sell it. We covered topics such as design thinking, strategy, audiences, elevator pitches, motivation, collaboration and exploration. The following video is from the class Design, Market and Promote where one group explored their elevator pitch, on camera. They did all the shooting, and I just enhanced the concepts with editing, as you will see.

This is summer school that you want to be at

I am slated to teach two classes this summer. The first is at the Art Institute of Boston @ Lesley University, and the other is at Bunker Hill Community College.

At the Art Institute of Boston, I am teaching again in the Pre-College program for high school students. The class is called “Market, Design and Promote”, and is all about how designers work with marketers, and also know what it means to market yourself. Students in this course will be introduced to fundamental marketing concepts including fundamental communication skills, target audience and the way creativity ties products to people. I want to stress to the students the importance of understanding the fundemental communication skills, as this is the root to not only design, but human interaction.

The second class I am teaching this summer, is Introduction to Digital Imaging at Bunker Hill Community College. This class introduces the Adobe Photoshop application as a tool in the creation and manipulation of digital images, in a professional setting. Students will work on projects that range from basic uses of interface tools, to more complex retouching projects. The final project of the class is to quickly brainstorm an idea for an iphone app, and make two screens in photoshop that show what the App will look like. This class will introduce the students to a variety of skills, topics, and ways that Photoshop can be used.

These classes run through July 2010, and I will have about four weeks until the fall semester starts!