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Online Academic Journal Launched – SENSATE

I am thrilled to announce the launch of a new project I have been working on for the last 9 months. I am working as a Senior Designer/Developer for SENSATE Journal, a brand new academic journal based out of Harvard and MIT. Fellow designer Ben Gaydos (GoodGood Design) and I have been working hard to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to help bring this new academic journal to life.

Here is the official release:

Sensate is an online, media-based journal for the creation, presentation, and critique of innovative projects in the arts, humanities, and sciences. Our aim is to build on the current groundswell of pioneering activities in the digital humanities, scholarly publishing, and innovative media practice to integrate new modes of scholarship into the cognitive life of the academy and beyond.

Sensate aims to foster new forms of scholarship that expand the traditional paradigm of academic discourse and open new possibilities for scholarship and artistic creation. Fundamental to this expansion is reimagining what constitutes a ‘piece’ of scholarship or art. Work featured in Sensate might take the form of audiovisual ethnographic research, multimedia mash-ups, experiments in media archaeology, participatory media projects, or digitized collections of archival media, artifacts, maps, or objects. By highlighting the processes of media and knowledge production, we hope to foster emergent and generative scholarship.

We hope that you will find many ways to engage with not only the content, but the ever-expanding network of Sensate collaborators. We welcome any feedback, provocations, and invitations for collaboration. Please contact us at: info@sensatejournal.com.

Sensate is free and open-access. Please visit the site at: http://www.sensatejournal.com/.